Events Michael Zelicskovics August 6, 2021
Live. Virtual. Hybrid.

We do it all!

There’s been a lot of talk about the future. Is it virtual? Is it hybrid? Will we go back to live meetings and events?

We can all stop wondering because the future is here, and it’s all the above. If you haven’t already implemented seamless virtual & hybrid capabilities, then you’re behind.

Here’s the good news. We offer solutions that put you in total control. You don’t need to worry about what’s possible anymore, only what’s best for your company, clients, partners, and customers. Isn’t that how it should be?

With FUSION, you can:
  • Plan and execute incentive trips or incentive programs

  • Develop an engaging brand campaign

  • Promote your upcoming event & build excitement

  • Consistently communicate your message

  • Schedule audience time

  • Deliver live presentations

  • Track event attendance & engagement

  • Offer virtual attendee programs (health & wellness, give-back)

  • Evaluate learning outcomes through surveys

  • Reduce your costs (travel, accommodation, food & beverage)

  • Reuse event materials

  • Reach a wider audience through virtual attendance options


So, you can’t hold your event live & in person. We’re not ones to underestimate the importance of human contact. So let us implement the most human virtual or hybrid solution.

Pre-event Program Management
  • Budget & timeline management

  • Hotel search & optimization

  • Agenda design & support

  • Attendee registration

  • Ground & air transportation

  • Off-site events coordination

  • Food & beverage arrangement

  • Audio visual support

  • Entertainment planning

  • Guest/keynote speaker management

  • On-site staff coordination

Program Management
  • Pre-event meetings with hotel, vendors, & staff

  • Manage food and beverage & rooming for cost savings

  • Manage function space, hospitality desk, & offices

  • Coordinate shipping & distribution of signage

  • Oversee audio-visual production for general sessions & breakouts

  • Provide VIP white-glove service

Post-event Program Management
  • Conduct event debrief & review

  • Reconcile program expenditures & provide final cost report

  • Manage supplier close-outs & gratuities

  • Provide attendee reports

  • Present savings report & future event recommendations

Interested in seeing what we can do for your business?

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