Engage Dashboard Michael Zelicskovics August 6, 2021
FUSION knows that managing a business can be tough when you have different systems for sales tracking, training, bonuses, and incentives. We've created the Engage Dashboard to bring all your information together in one place. No more struggling to see how you're doing, and no more manual work.

With the Engage Dashboard, you can:
  • Customized incentive & training messages for specific audiences

  • Consolidate data & tools in one dashboard for maximum usage

  • Automated, personalized messages for progress tracking

  • Engaging graphics for increased mindshare

  • Proven high ROI approach


Seems most dashboards are designed to help everyone avoid communicating. We built one to increase & improve how we talk and engage. Sounds crazy until you try it.

FUSION works with all kinds of companies who are challenged with various systems that do a great job of tracking sales, tracking programs, providing training tools, calculating bonuses and qualifications for incentives, but the best systems don’t talk to each other. And worse, your customers and sales people don’t have appropriate access to see where they stand in achieving results with your amazing programs, without manual efforts by your administration teams. With the engage dashboard you can:
  • Consolidate and simplify incentive and training messages customized to specific audiences

  • Maximize the usage and investment in existing platforms by bringing data and tools into one dashboard portal

  • Provide fully branded and engaging graphics to capture mindshare

  • Automate proactive messages personalized to the recipient to keep them moving toward results

  • Take advantage of proven high ROI


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