Elevate Consulting Michael Zelicskovics February 6, 2020

Why do we call it Elevate Consulting? Because we challenge the status quo to take your sales and customer programs to the next level.

We have decades of experience consulting for Fortune 500 companies you know by name, right down to small mom-and-pop shops with small budgets but a lot of heart, and we put all that knowledge and expertise to work for you. We can help you streamline, modify, change behavior and monetize your entire program, or just help you out with a special event. Whatever you need, we’re going to Elevate it!


FUSION specializes in working with executives to create and execute strategic change - for meetings and events that results in improved performance and total control.

At FUSION Performance Group we help companies:
  • Structure efficient and more effective sales performance plans

  • Align sales incentive strategy to the company vision, mission and goals

  • Manage risk

  • Benchmark against a specific industry or across industries

  • Add scalable resources to improve budget efficiency and the quality of the outcomes

  • Achieve better results!

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
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